Visit JP World City of Light with VAUIS-ers

Students of Viet Au International School had the opportunity to experience the world of light at JP World. The amusement park is suitable for all ages, attracting a large number of people to experience. In particular, during the recent discovery trip, JP World City of Light made children fascinated with a colorful paradise and wonderful entertainment games. This colorful paradise promises to be a suitable place for children!

Introducing JP World City of Light

JP World Light City is an entertainment area that applies many advanced technologies, lighting and visual equipment. JP World’s purpose is to provide an entertainment area combined with transmitting educational content. The technical team here always tries to provide visitors with the sharpest experiences.

Alt: Viet Au International School organizes fun at JP World city of light


JP World is located on the L6th floor of Giga Mall commercial center, Thu Duc city. JP World divides the amusement area into 2 separate groups. These are advocacy groups and thinking groups. With high-tech effect controls and smart computer, projector and sensor systems, this place has created surprising feelings for participants.

Experience attractive light effects with your children

During sightseeing and playing activities at JP World Light City, children experienced attractive light play areas.

  • JPark Dinosaur Park

Dinosaur World recreates prehistoric dinosaurs. Along with vibrant models, JPark incorporates sound systems and lighting technology. The sounds and movements of the dinosaurs make the space very realistic.


  • Rainbow Fun amusement park

The colorful amusement park is part of the JP World advocacy group. Children can participate in continuous movement games in a colorful world. Rainbow Fun is an area that combines physical games and thinking activities. There are a variety of physical activity games, sand play area, trampoline, coloring…


  • Hologram City

Alt: JP Park Light City uses 3D technology


The Hologram technology area uses advanced 3D hologram technology. Hologram technology reflects light and color in multidimensional space. Some impressive areas of the Hologram such as the light path, ocean world or satellite,…


One of the highlights of Hologram City is the Hologram Circus. The circus was born in response to the “Not born to perform” campaign. The circus joins hands to protest against negative practices of using animals to perform and mistreating them. The animal actors will appear and move in the surrounding space like on an animal circus stage.

What will children learn when visiting JP World?

At JP World City of Light, children will have the opportunity to develop creative skills and artistic thinking. Colorful play corners will explore children’s aesthetic talents. Besides, with colorful images and realistic lighting effects, children will have closer contact with modern technology.


With areas such as the Hologram circus or JPark dinosaur park, children will be able to choose topics they like and see a rich worldview. Children will hear dolphins screaming under the ocean, see schools of colorful fish, peaceful rural scenery… Useful experiences through virtual space that children have not had the opportunity to see in reality.


In short, the technology play area combined with education has helped children relax and enjoy healthy play after school.


Let’s look back at the images of this sightseeing activity

Alt: JP World city with colorful games

Alt: Explore the dinosaur world of the city of light JP World

Alt: You experience activities in the JP World city of light

Alt: VAUIS students at the Rainbow Fun area of ​​the city of light JP World

Alt: Students explore JPark at the city of light JP World

Alt: Children observe images in the JP World city of light

Alt: JP World City of Light with interactive drawing activities

Alt: Rainbow Fun amusement park at JP World city of light


Thanks to combining 4 elements: Entertainment – Technology – Art – Education, JP World Light City has brought an interesting place for children. Accompanying students in the colorful virtual reality world, Viet Au International School promises to bring students many useful learning programs!

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