VAUIS goes on a picnic with the children and explores the animal world

Trips to explore the animal world are especially loved by VAUIS children. Besides learning activities, the school always tries to organize sightseeing trips and picnics for children. Exploration trips help children gain hands-on experience and increase their understanding of the surrounding environment. Nature exploration activities are also one of the activities regularly organized by the school.

Visit the Botanical Garden – meet and learn about wild animals

Recently, the Zoo has been a tourist attraction and organized practical activities for students of Viet Au International School.

What is the location of the Botanical Garden?

Zoo and Botanical Garden is the largest flora and fauna conservation park in Saigon. The Zoo is also a cultural symbol, a place always mentioned when coming to Saigon. Located opposite the Independence Palace, the Zoo is located in Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

Alt: Viet Au International School organizes tours and explorations of the animal world at the Zoo and Botanical Garden


In addition, the Zoo is one of the oldest zoos in the world. Up to now, Thao Cam Vien has gone through 158 years since its construction, Thao Cam Vien is constantly innovating to receive a large number of visits from domestic and foreign tourists.

Currently, the Zoo has more than 1,300 animals of 125 species. Among them, there are many rare species such as: pheasant, douc, yellow-cheeked gibbon, golden deer, jaguar… Covered densely with green trees, this place is like the “green lung” of Saigon. This is also the place where more than 2,500 trees with more than 900 plant species are being preserved. The campus includes areas: wild animals, birds, ornamental plants and orchids, play areas…

Schedule for visiting the botanical garden for children of Viet Au International School

Viet Au International School has chosen this location to organize a program to explore the animal world. The children had a day full of useful experiences at the Zoo.

First, children will receive tickets and tour instructions for the Zoo. After that, the children will follow the teachers’ instructions to visit the animal areas.

Alt: Children observe their animal friends on a trip to explore the animal world


Students can visit animal areas such as mammals, carnivores, reptiles… They can see, touch and feed the animals. Children will have close contact with animals that they can only see on TV such as giraffes, bears, pythons, elephants…

Alt: Children explore the animal world together at the Zoo

In the process of observing and exploring the animal world, your baby will hear useful information. For example: the habitat of plants, the reproductive process of animals… Through that knowledge, children will recognize and understand their surroundings better. Children will develop a sense of loving nature, loving animals and knowing how to protect rare animals.

Picnic to My Quynh Zoo SAFARI – Listen to the “voices” of animals

Last summer, students of Viet Au International School also had the opportunity to explore the animal world at My Quynh Safari Tourist Area Zoo.

Introducing My Quynh SAFARI

My Quynh SAFARI, also known as My Quynh Zoo. The zoo will officially go into operation in early 2022. My Quynh SAFARI is located in Tan My commune, Duc Hoa district, Long An province. The location of the zoo is about 40km northwest of Ho Chi Minh City. The zoo has an area of ​​nearly 50 hectares divided into many areas such as: water park, Koi and Bonsai fish ponds, wild and semi-wild animals.


Alt: My Quynh SAFARI – the next destination in the journey to explore the animal world

This place has become a place for entertainment and sightseeing for many tourists on weekends. My Quynh Zoo is like a real natural forest with a variety of animals. Currently, the zoo system includes more than 100 resident animals. Therefore, My Quynh SAFARI has recently been chosen for children to explore the animal world.

Pictures of children on a field trip


Alt: VAUIS teachers and students explore the animal world together at My Quynh SAFARI

Alt: A trip to explore the animal world brings children closer to the natural environment

Alt: Children explore the animal world with deer

Viet Au International School – A healthy learning environment for children

Currently, Viet Au International School has been building a curriculum that meets international standards. With the goal of becoming an excellent school system, the school’s learning program always helps children learn and play effectively. The school always creates opportunities for children to master the necessary knowledge and skills.

In particular, children will learn through useful lectures and fun extracurricular activities. With extracurricular activities, the school always tries to ensure that children are provided with academic knowledge and mental comfort.


Exploring the animal world is a great choice for extracurricular activities. Children will have fun, relax and gain important knowledge. Viet Au International School hopes that children will enjoy and accumulate a lot of useful knowledge through these school activities!

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