Extracurricular activities Summer Camp 2023 – Explore Madagui land

A summer has passed, this is the time for children to have fun and explore. In order for children’s summer to be meaningful, Viet Au International School has implemented and organized the Summer Camp 2023 extracurricular activities. In addition to entertainment activities, children will learn and experience new things.

What is VAUIS’s Summer Camp 2023 program?

Alt: VAUIS . Summer Camp 2023


Summer Camp 2023 is part of VAUIS’ Hello Summer 2023 series of activities. This is an extracurricular learning activity. With this activity, children will learn and have fun according to the program organized by the school. With the aim for children to be connected with nature and connect with family more, the school has organized activities with many interesting contents and activities.

Summer Camp 2023 of Viet Au International School also creates moments that  increase the connection between students, between students  and teachers and the understanding between children and parents.

VAUIS children’s journey to discover Madagui land

Schedule 2 days 1 night

The Summer Camp journey lasts 2 days and 1 night at Madagui ecological area in Lam Dong province. The school delegation, parents and students experienced this activity over the past two days, July 21 and 22.

Attractive fun activities

VAUIS’s Summer Camp 2023 has brought many exciting fun activities. The program is designed to be diverse, not only children but also parents and teachers can participate with them.

Parents and children will visit and take pictures together at Thac Voi Lake. Children will participate in activities such as playing games at the children’s play area, swimming at the 3-storey swimming pool, grass skiing…

Alt: Children have fun in extracurricular activities Summer Camp 2023

Alt: Fun activities at Summer Camp 2023

Alt: Parents, students and teachers have fun together at Summer Camp 2023

Alt: Grass skiing activities at Madagui of Summer Camp 2023

Alt: Fun activities in the evening at Madagui of Summer Camp 2023


The Summer Camp 2023 itinerary in Madagui also includes exploring tropical fruit gardens and visiting wildlife areas. The fruit garden has a variety of fruits such as: rambutan, longan, mango… Children will experience fruit picking with the help of parents and teachers.

The school’s organizing committee and teachers also specially organized an exciting Campfire night. The children will perform cultural activities such as singing and dancing that have been prepared in advance. Teachers also represent the school union to share their thoughts with parents and students. In particular, the wonderful campfire greeting ceremony is extremely enjoyed by the children. Next were fun group games, bringing a bustling atmosphere to the program.

Skills that children will receive after participating

Through Summer Camp 2023, children have accumulated some interesting skills and lessons. In the process of playing and learning, children will know how to be more independent and improve their communication and behavior skills. Extracurricular activities are also the time when children come into close contact with each other. This is the time when children will talk, share, and play together more. This will help children become more confident and bolder after this activity.

Alt: VAUIS parents and students participate in Summer Camp 2023


Children will also improve their independence skills through play activities. For example, children will do some things on their own without the participation of their parents. This skill will help children not depend or depend on their parents, children will be fully developed in knowledge and life skills.

Choosing Viet Au International School – The best learning environment for children

With the goal of bringing a solid education to children, Viet Au International School aims for continuous development to give students the opportunity to improve their intellectual and physical abilities. The educational program ensures to give children solid knowledge in learning, and educates them on soft skills through additional activities. The school always creates opportunities for students to master the necessary knowledge and skills. Children will learn through useful lectures and fun extracurricular activities.



Throughout the curriculum, the school always tries to create conditions for students to develop their thinking ability and build a good knowledge base. Summer Camp 2023 is an activity marking a memorable summer for students, teachers and parents. Viet Au International School hopes that children will gain more skills and understanding through this activity!

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