The method of teaching and learning logic for children

Logical thinking is the foundation for developing creativity and effective problem-solving skills. Most parents think that, for children to grow up and develop naturally, only taking care of children through meals, sleeping, sometimes talking and telling the children, when the children grow up a little, it is enough to send them to school for teachers to teach. Parents are invited to refer to the method of training logical thinking for elementary school children:

Ways to train thinking for primary school children:

Create a solid mental math foundation

Mathematics is a subject that children have access to right from the start of school age. However, the initial knowledge they learn is usually quite easy. It will get more difficult as you progress to higher grades. Therefore, the basic knowledge from the beginning should be memorized and firmly grasped because it will help a lot for advanced knowledge later. Gradually, they will build a system of mathematical knowledge by themselves. When they have a strong mathematical foundation, they will encounter any problem or problem that needs to be solved. Their thinking will work very flexibly and sensitively.

Always add new knowledge based on what you have learned.

In the learning process, students learn two types of knowledge, old knowledge and new knowledge. Old knowledge is the knowledge they have learned, understood and applied in practice. New knowledge is what you will learn. In fact, they often mistakenly think that they should only learn and review old knowledge, and new knowledge that the teacher has not taught has not been learned, or even cannot be learned. Learning and reviewing old knowledge is right.

However, they have not taken full advantage of the old knowledge. Instead of waiting for the new teacher to start learning new lessons, students should rely on old knowledge to explore problems related to new knowledge before going to class. This will help them be more active in finding new information based on old information, as well as a step to train logical thinking more effectively.

Practice logical thinking through games

The game is something that everyone likes and especially the young age. In order to change for their children learning methods instead of just learning, parents should let their children learn while playing. Children can practice logical thinking skills through games such as: thinking puzzles, brain games, jigsaw puzzles, etc. These logical thinking training games will help them learn while playing.

Improve critical thinking skills

Critical thinking is a process of analyzing and evaluating a problem in terms of perspectives to clarify and confirm the accuracy of the problem. Critical thinking will effectively support students to practice logical thinking. When criticizing, they need to sequence, analyze and dissect the problem so that they can find other arising problems. Over time, they will form for themselves quick critical thinking skills and thus their thinking skills will also improve.

Parents can help children practice critical skills by asking them why the meat will rot if left unrefrigerated, why the leaves fall when autumn comes, etc. For older children, parents can let the child look at the problem on his own and ask a variety of questions. When looking for a solution to a problem, children will practice reasoning, critical thinking and know how to find evidence to clarify the questions of others or themselves.

Guide others

In the learning process, they will surely be confused when they encounter a problem or difficult knowledge. Therefore, they can completely understand the feelings of others when they have not found a way to solve a certain problem. Instead of sitting alone thinking about finding a direction, you should discuss with your classmates to find the direction together. Because each of you has an idea, a thought, when gathered together, you can find a solution. It is never a waste of time to discuss a question or question together.

Studying together will not only help the brain to be trained, recall old knowledge and above all, train the ability to communicate, convey, persuade others as well as teamwork skills. A discussion together is a time when you yourself are guiding others to learn better.

Exercise for children to have a healthy brain

In fact, the brain plays an important role in commanding other parts of the body to complete the tasks that children desire. To be healthy, your brain also needs exercise. Spending a little time each day exercising your brain will not only make your thinking faster, but also improve your memory and have a healthy brain.

There are many methods to train the brain. Therefore, they need to know how to select methods to find for themselves one or more suitable and effective methods.

Mind training for elementary school children requires an investment of time and perseverance.

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