Social skills for children that parents should teach before entering grade 1

Social skills help children learn how to communicate, listen and understand others. This gives children the opportunity to build good friendships and positive interactions with those around them. When children learn to respect and support others, they become trusted companions in life. So how should parents teach social skills to children?

Why do children need to learn social skills early?

  • Build friendships and good relationships: Social skills help children learn how to communicate, listen and understand others.

  • Helps children be confident and adaptable: Social skills help children learn how to confidently express their opinions and views in a polite and respectful manner.

  • Develop communication skills: Social skills help children practice effective communication skills.

  • Promote social integration: Social skills help children integrate into the community and society effectively.

  • Prepare for future success: Social skills are an important factor for children to develop successfully in life and career.

5 important social skills to educate children

Teach children how to listen and share

Use simple and understandable language when talking to your child. Avoid using complex sentences or specialized language that your child can’t yet understand. This makes it easier for children to absorb and understand the meaning of what is being said.

Alt: Look straight into the eyes and listen sincerely when talking to children

When talking to children, create a connection by looking straight into the eyes and listening sincerely. Children feel the care and respect of adults, thereby encouraging them to learn how to listen respectfully and sincerely.

Collaboration and teamwork are also important

Teamwork helps children learn to share ideas, listen to others, and work together to achieve common goals. Children will develop communication skills, persuasion skills and flexibility in thinking. In addition, teamwork helps children learn to share responsibilities, assign tasks, and work together.

Alt: Teach children how to work effectively in groups

Create a friendly and supportive learning environment that encourages children to participate in group activities. Make sure every team member is heard and respects each other’s opinions. Provide clear instructions and support so children can complete their tasks.

Always respect everyone’s private space

Respecting personal space helps build good relationships with others and creates respect and trust. It helps children understand that each person has the right to their own privacy and personal space, which should be respected and protected.

Alt: Teach children to always respect the privacy of others

Talk to your child about privacy and the importance of respecting other people’s personal space. Explain to children that everyone has the right to be quiet, free from intrusion and from interference in their private space.

Politeness and politeness are always skills that need to be emphasized

Politeness and politeness help children make a good impression of others and build relationships of trust and respect. It helps children form basic values ​​such as respect, thoughtfulness and concern for others. This skill will persist and develop throughout the child’s adult life.


As an adult, be a role model in showing courtesy and courtesy. Focus on using polite words and polite facial expressions and gestures. Children will learn from your actions and words, so show them positive examples of politeness and courtesy.


Social skills help children integrate into the community and society effectively. Children will understand and comply with social rules, thereby becoming useful and trustworthy members of the community. Social integration helps children feel help, sharing and empathy, thereby developing awareness and compassion. That’s why VAUIS always trains children’s social skills in parallel with their knowledge at school. From there, children can develop comprehensively and become friendly and loved by many people.

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