What should children keep in mind when preparing for first grade?

Have you started preparing your child’s luggage before entering   1st grade  ? Grade 1 is an important milestone that marks the foundation for a child’s next and subsequent school years. If preschool is a time for children to have fun and get used to letters and numbers, then grade 1 is the first stage where children must start studying seriously. Therefore, Viet Au International School sends parents a few notes on what to prepare for their children when entering grade 1.

Alt 1: Prepare before entering 1st grade for your child

Choose a suitable and good quality learning environment for your child

An ideal learning environment with good quality and suitable for children is the first important consideration for the preparation process before entering grade 1. By choosing the right a suitable primary school environment, it will help Children can reveal their abilities and develop their own potential, creating wonderful future generations for life. You know, every child excels in something. If you study at a suitable school, you will see your child maximize his or her potential and shine brightly.

Prepare necessary learning tools

Transferring from kindergarten to grade 1, the form and subject will begin to have great changes, so it is necessary to prepare appropriate learning tools to serve learning. Therefore, parents should make a list of necessary school supplies to prepare before entering school for their children. Preparing adequate learning tools will help children always feel confident because they always have all the necessary tools and more excitement when starting to integrate into a new environment.

Make sure uniforms are new and clean

Some schools will distribute uniforms to students about 1-2 weeks before coming to school. Preparing uniforms carefully and neatly will make children more confident, as well as feel less distant  from their friends.


Therefore, when receiving a child’s school uniform, parents should:

  • Let your child try it on to see if the uniform is too big or tight for him
  • Adjust clothes so that your baby feels comfortable when exercising or studying
  • Wash, dry and iron your clothes as clean and neat as possible
  • Teach children how to wear a uniform so that they can prepare their clothes every morning

Children can go to school early and get used to the surrounding environment

In order for children not to be surprised or worried before entering school, parents can take their children to visit and familiarize themselves with their school. Children can get used to the learning environment, surroundings and sometimes can interact with their teachers. Letting children visit the new learning environment will help them become bolder and more confident when starting to study in the new environment. From there, children will be ready to enter grade 1.

Alt 2: Experience the learning environment before preparing to enter grade 1.


Create a comfortable mentality for children before entering school

According to Dr. Nguyen Hong Thuan, sharing parents plays a huge role in shaping children’s psychology when they start grade 1. Therefore, parents should make children psychologically comfortable before entering school, or help I imagine the first day of school to help them confidently and easily integrate into the new environment.

Parents should talk to their children about the new environment, tell them about how they play, learn, and make new friends when they first enter grade 1. In addition, parents should be careful not to scare them. threaten your child before enrolling him in school.

For example: “If you cry, the teacher will punish you” or “If you are lazy to study, your friends will laugh at you”… Don’t let those seemingly inadvertent words scare and aversion to the class.

Alt 3: Make your child psychologically comfortable before preparing to enter grade 1



Careful and thoughtful preparation before entering school will help your child’s journey into first grade be comfortable and create a solid stepping stone for them to carry throughout their learning journey. Hopefully, with the sharing from Viet Au International School – VAUIS, parents will have more useful suggestions to help future “preschoolers” enter grade 1 in the best way.


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