What is a good learning environment that helps children develop confidently?

A good learning environment includes physical and mental factors in the learning process. For example, qualified facilities, quality of teachers’ teaching, standard curriculum… The establishment and construction of a standard learning environment is really necessary and important for children. Learning and playing in a good educational environment will help children be nurtured and develop comprehensively.

Alt: What is a good learning environment?

Why do children need to be in a good learning environment?

For the learning process to take place effectively, the learning environment is one of the factors that parents are most concerned about, especially for elementary school students. This is the stage when children begin to get used to the learning environment. Here are 3 reasons parents should keep in mind when choosing a suitable learning environment for their children.

Helps children become more confident and active

With a good learning environment, in addition to effective teaching methods, there are also activities and necessary skills training sessions. When participating in school activities and programs, children will gain confidence, creativity and dynamism in the process of learning and playing. Through it, children also have contact with friends and teachers. This will help the child to be more open and active.

Alt: A good learning environment helps children to be more confident and active


Children can freely learn and question everything

Children of elementary school age are often curious and eager to learn. A good learning environment will help children develop and improve these skills. During the learning process, children will have the opportunity to observe and learn freely. When wondering about something, children will ask questions themselves. Children can freely explore to find answers for themselves. This helps children develop observation, learning and questioning skills.

Alt: Children can learn freely in a good learning environment

Children can choose suitable soft skills for themselves

Currently, most parents are interested in soft skills education for their children. With a well-qualified learning environment, life skills training programs for children will be regularly organized. With a number of skills such as teamwork skills, communication and behavior skills, the ability to be independent,… In addition, children also need to learn self-protection skills, research ability… Most of these skills are necessary for children from infancy to adulthood.

When learning in a quality educational environment, children will experience training sessions. From there, children will choose soft skills that they like and feel appropriate.

Where can I find a good elementary school environment?

Parents can find out information such as teaching methods, quality of education, facilities of schools… And parents can search through the Website, Facebook…

Some information about Viet Au International School

Viet Au International School – a place that gives students a solid educational foundation. The school has a combination of national standard curriculum and international standard education program. The school always aims for continuous development to help students develop their intellectual and physical abilities. In addition, it also improves creativity and independent skills.

Why is Viet Au confident that it has a good learning environment?

With the goal of becoming an excellent school system, the school’s facilities meet international standards, helping children learn and have fun in a modern educational environment. The teaching staff is highly professional. The school always creates opportunities for students to master the necessary knowledge and skills. Children will learn through classroom lessons and useful extracurricular activities.

Alt: Viet Au International School with a good learning environment


A good learning environment will help children absorb knowledge effectively and develop comprehensively both physically and intellectually. With the benefits from the above quality learning environment along with some information from Viet Au International School, we hope that parents will choose a good and suitable educational environment for their upcoming learning journey. Your arrival is so beautiful.

Parents can directly contact the school’s hotline 0983.695.669 to receive advice and detailed information on admission.


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