VAUIS program for children to plant trees and sow seeds of happiness

The program “Planting trees – Sowing seeds of happiness” is organized by VAUIS for children to plant trees on the school campus. VAUIS always offers extracurricular programs for children to experience useful activities. In addition to classroom lessons or skills classes, the school also has interesting practical activities. In particular, this tree planting activity helps children love nature more and appreciate what they create.

Alt: Children plant trees – Sow seeds of happiness

What will children learn through this activity?

Awareness about environmental protection

People’s lack of understanding and awareness is the main cause of environmental pollution. Therefore, raising environmental awareness for children from primary school and preschool age is extremely necessary. Families and schools should start teaching children how to protect the environment and love nature  from an early age. Understanding this, Viet Au International School has implemented activities for children to plant trees.

Through planting trees, this activity will help children form habits and awareness of protecting the living environment. From there, your child will form the right habits and lifestyle in protecting the environment. At the same time, planting trees also helps children take actions to help the environment become better.

Take care and see your achievements every day

After planting the plants themselves, every morning the children will be instructed to water the plants and weed the planted area. Day by day, your child will see his tree grow, change and develop. Trees with more leaves, more lush leaves, each flower bud, foliage, blade of grass that grows will help the environment become greener, more beautiful and create fresh air. This process will help your child be proud of what he has done, feel excited and interested. Gradually, your child will develop a sense of responsibility for what he or she does. Besides, your child will practice patience and perseverance.

Alt: Children plant trees with friends

Let children know about the love of trees and nature

After planting the tree themselves, children will take care of the tree themselves. Observing the changes in the tree every day will help your child understand more things. For example, through activities where children plant trees, they will begin to love nature more. Children will gradually form a sense of environmental protection, love planting trees, and know how to protect trees better.

Understanding the benefits that protecting the environment brings to life, children will know how to appreciate the value of trees. From there, arousing the baby’s curiosity and excitement every time he comes into contact with the natural environment, with diverse tree species. Your baby will even become more active when active and playing with friends.

Let’s look back at some pictures of children planting trees by themselves

Viet Au International School has organized interesting and useful activities for children at the school. The children were very excited and focused on participating in the tree planting activity. Below are some pictures of children planting trees on the school campus:


Alt: Children take care of trees in the Children Planting Trees Program


Alt: Activity Children plant trees at VAUIS school

Alt: Children watering trees in the Children Planting Trees program

Alt: Children observe plants during the activity Children plant trees

Alt: Two children having fun in the Baby Planting Trees activity

Alt: Children plant trees and take care of the garden with their friends


The program “Planting trees – Sowing seeds of happiness” is an interesting activity that is extremely loved by children at Viet Au International School. The activity has partly spread to students a love of nature and an understanding of the values ​​that trees bring to life. Above all, the activity of planting trees has given children valuable skills and awareness. These will definitely be great memories for the children in the future that VAUIS has brought!


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