Let’s look back at the dynamic extracurricular activities at VAUIS

Viet Au International School (VAUIS) regularly organizes extracurricular activities for children. Extracurricular activities provide opportunities for children to communicate and interact with each other outside of the academic environment. Children learn to work in groups, learn to listen and resolve conflicts. This helps develop children’s communication, cooperation and leadership skills. Let’s look back at the extracurricular activities at Viet Au Primary School.

What is the extracurricular activity program?

Extracurricular activities for children are activities that take place outside of official school hours. This activity is intended to supplement and supplement the teaching process in the classroom. These activities are often educational, recreational, or personal development in nature. Often organized as clubs, extra classes, or special programs.

Extracurricular activities for children can cover many different areas. The goal of extracurricular activities is to encourage children to develop comprehensively. At the same time, enhance skills, creativity, and social skills. Create a useful and interesting learning environment outside of formal school hours.

Some attractive extracurricular activities at VAUIS

Visit famous places in Saigon

Alt: Visit the Independence Palace with the children

Going on a picnic to visit the Independence Palace, Notre Dame Cathedral, and Saigon Post Office leaves many memorable memories. Children can visit and learn the history of each monument one by one. At the same time, teachers also organize interesting games and questions with foreign teachers to help children develop good English communication skills.

After this field trip, not only has knowledge about historical sites been reinforced. Children can also relax and feel comfortable after days of studying at school. This is an activity regularly organized by Viet Au International Primary School. There will certainly be many other interesting activities waiting for you in the near future.

Alt: Visit Ho Chi Minh City War Remnants Museum

Alt: Visiting Nha Rong Wharf

Alt: Visit the Botanical Garden

Alt: Visit the Botanical Garden

Planting activities – Sowing seeds of happiness

Planting trees is a rewarding activity and creates a lot of joy. Not only children, but also adults, every time we plant a tree, we feel very relaxed and comfortable. Therefore, tree planting activities are also highly emphasized by Viet Au School and included in the list of useful extracurricular activities.

Alt: Children participate in tree planting activities

Alt:Planting activities – Sowing seeds of happiness

In this activity, children will be provided with a cute little “plant pot”. Children can freely be creative, draw or mark on their potted plants. Then the teacher will guide you through the steps to plant trees properly. Every day, your child will personally take care of his or her tree and monitor its growth process.

Fun and entertainment at AEON Tan Phu

Watch movies and do the shopping challenge with the amount of money specified by the teacher. Only buy within the allowed limit, thereby helping children learn how to save money, how to  calculate and consider carefully to choose the items they want to buy. Watching entertaining movies is a gift that teachers want to give their children after hours of studying in class.

Alt: Yellow color dyes AEON Tan Phu

Alt: Yellow color dyes AEON Tan Phu

Summer Camp activities with VAUIS

Summer Camp is a major extracurricular activity organized annually by Viet Au Primary School. When participating in Summer Camp, children will participate in a specially designed summer program, so they can experience many interesting activities and improve life skills. In particular, during this year’s summer camp, VAUIS organized a 2-day 1-night picnic to connect children with nature and parents at Madagui tourist area – a large primeval forest tourist area in Lam Dong. Children will be able to visit wild animals, participate in entertainment activities, and also have fun activities and explore interesting places. This will help children get closer to nature. Create a memorable summer with lots of memories with your parents.

Alt: Summer Camp is held in Madagui


These are the most popular and favorite extracurricular activities at VAUIS. However, there are still many other activities for children. At Viet Au Primary School, we always promote the development of children’s intelligence, thinking and health. From there, children will have high self-discipline and awareness in exploring and learning everything on their own.

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