Learn about the personalities of elementary school students that parents should read through

The personality of primary school students will have changes in thinking and perception. Especially when they enter a new environment, their thinking and behavior will be different. Therefore, paying attention and understanding what children want and think is always a “math” that causes many parents a headache. Don’t worry, let’s learn about your child’s personality through common characteristics when children just enter primary school.

What are the characteristics of elementary school students?

Curious, eager to learn

This is the stage when babies always want to learn and learn about new things. Although the memory speed may be slower than that of children who have not yet reached primary school age, at this age children will often still be curious about everything around them. In particular, children always want to find answers to their questions.


When entering a new environment, children will meet new friends, new teachers, and learn new subjects. This will make children excited and curious to explore more.

Alt: Personality characteristics of elementary school students

Sensitive and uncontrollable emotions

This characteristic will form the personality of elementary school students who are easily sad, scared, hurt… This is a point that parents should pay attention to when having children of elementary school age. The ability to control emotions at this age is still limited, not much aware. Therefore, we can see that children are very easily angered, angry or sometimes cry.


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Immature and innocent

This trait is easy to see in elementary school children. Children are in the early stages of personality formation, so they think very innocently and carefree. Children’s actions will sometimes not be correct because their cognitive ability is still limited. Therefore, parents should not rush to scold them, but instead explain and guide their children with a little “strictness”. From there, children will realize what is wrong and what is right.

Alt: Immaturity and innocence in the personalities of elementary school students

Special characteristics that parents need to pay attention to


This is the personality of elementary school students that is most easily encountered. Although very honest and innocent, elementary school students also have the trait of lying easily. Usually, children will lie because they were previously scolded by their parents, punished or sometimes because of psychological obsession from childhood.

When you discover your child is lying, find out the reason. Don’t be too quick to speak harshly or scold too harshly. You can spend a session talking with your baby, confide so that he can open his heart and see you as a soulmate who can share all secrets.

Hot-tempered, easily irritable

Children’s emotions at this stage develop quite quickly, exploding immediately without thinking much. Therefore, when encountering something unpleasant, the baby will react angrily to everyone.


For example, if your baby wants something and it doesn’t get it, he’ll react right away. If parents do not observe and make adjustments, this will be a “weak point” in the character of primary school students.

Alt: The hot temper in the character of elementary school students

Selfishness, not sharing with others

Selfishness and impoliteness are formed by imitation from parents. Children of elementary school age often do not know how to share and sympathize with friends and people around them. However, this is a bad habit of children that parents can overcome. Parents can take their children to charity places, let them participate in volunteer activities to help the community. At the same time, parents can also share with their children so that they can gradually give up their selfish and impolite habits. Thereby, it will help the character of primary school students become better, they will see what they will get in return by sharing with others.



Raising children is a difficult and challenging journey. With each stage of development, children will have different personality traits. Especially with the personality of primary school students, parents need to pay more attention and solve problems early if children have unreasonable personalities. VAUIS will accompany parents on the journey of understanding and raising children!


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