How to properly educate children about sex? Note for parents

Sex education for children is a problem that causes many difficulties for parents. Educating children about sex from an early age will help them understand more and know how to avoid bad situations. Therefore, in the process of helping children understand gender, parents need to pay attention to some special characteristics.

Don’t rush when teaching children about sex

Gender issues will change with each stage of a child’s development. Therefore, parents should not teach their children too many things about sex at the same time. This will prevent your child from learning effectively and not fully understanding.

Alt: Parents educate children about sex properly

Sex education for children through books, newspapers, the internet

Parents can find content about sex education through books, newspapers and the internet…. Depending on the age of the child, parents can choose the appropriate information. Watching programs, books, and stories about sex education with your child will help parents and children communicate more comfortably.

Alt: Sex education for children through books, newspapers, the internet

Talk about sex gently and comfortably

Sexual issues not only provide knowledge to children from an early age, but also affect them when they are adults. So parents please mention this issue as soon as possible. However, be gentle and choose the right time. Talking to children about sex properly will help them avoid the risk of abuse.

Do not avoid, answer for children

Besides receiving sex education at school, parents should also be equipped with knowledge to answer their children’s questions. If they don’t get answers, they will do their own research and unintentionally follow incorrect information. When you cannot answer your child’s questions, parents should make an appointment with your child at a specific time.

Alt: Note to answer children’s questions in sex education for children

Educate about proper self-care

Parents should teach children about knowledge related to body parts from an early age. Parents need to teach children to understand their bodies are their own. Children should know that no one can touch their bodies without permission from them or their parents. In addition, parents should teach children how to take care of their own bodies.

Pay attention to the content your child watches on the internet

Nowadays, young children know how to use smart devices from an early age. For example, phones, tablets… Therefore, children will also accidentally access unhealthy content online. Parents should control their children’s content to see if it is age appropriate or not.

Alt: Educate children about sex and control what they see on the internet


Without proper sex education for children, it can lead to serious problems. For example, children will be curious to find inappropriate content.


Sex education for children is important in their entire development process. That is why parents play a very important role in this process. When your child is young, help them access and understand gender knowledge. From there, children will be less surprised and actively protect themselves when they grow up. Seeing the importance of sex education for children from an early age, Viet Au International School will accompany parents in the journey of good education for their children!


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