How can parents teach their children to be respectful and well behaved?

This is probably a question that is always on the mind of every parent. VAUIS would like to give you some tips to teach your children to respect others:

1. Use gentle language, respectful tone.

Parents always use gentle language, respectful tone with children will make children feel and learn according to the way parents communicate. If Parents use careless words, children will follow and behave in the same way towards others.

2. Positive reinforcement.

Children will not be able to understand the positive thoughts that parents want to convey. Instead, parents use positive actions so that children can feel and learn. For example, if baby wants to help Parents with housework, Parents can thank them, it’s a good thing for them to show respect and I’m sure he will work hard and feel appreciated.

3. Be patient with children.

Most kids are self-centered and don’t want to listen to criticism. Instead of losing your temper, be patient with your child as this teaches the child to be patient with others in difficult situations in the future.

4. Be a good mentor to your child.

Sometimes young children have problems in social situations and what they need is someone who can listen and help them through their difficulties. At this time, parents are young people who always believe, parents should be a good advisor to help children understand and solve problems children face.

5. Correct the baby on the spot.

There are children’s actions and words that are wrong and they may not even realize that what they are doing is unacceptable. For example, your child may disturb you while you are on the phone and they may not perceive it as being rude. Parents, take your kids aside and tell them gently afterward that what they’re doing is wrong and why.

6. Teach children manners.

Anytime, anywhere, parents should always guide children how to behave in all different situations and environments. This helps children recognize norms in social interactions and school.

7. Storytelling Parents can use stories for children to teach them respect.

Ask the children to find out which characters in the stories are respectable and which are not. Parents must also remember to treat each other with respect as this is very important in teaching their children to respect their parents. If children feel connected to their parents and their parents together, feelings of mutual trust and respect are fostered.

For VAUIS, every child born is unique. What makes children recognize, accept that difference and respect it is always the top priority of VAUIS in the process of educating children.

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