Explore the water festival at VAUIS – “Message” to the fullest with the kids

Part of the Hello Summer 2023 series of activities, the Water Festival was organized by Viet Au International School last summer. To end an exciting summer before starting the new school year, the school organized this interesting activity for students. The children were very excited and participated in the festival very crowded. The festival is also a “water party” to help cool down the summer heat for children.

History of the water festival? Where does it come from?

Water festival is one of the traditional festivals of Laos, Thailand and Cambodia. The festival is especially famous in Thailand called Songkran Festival. Every year, the festival is held on a very large scale. The characteristic of the Songkran festival is its community nature. Therefore, the festival attracts many participants. Tourists from other countries also flock here to mingle with the people here. The festival is not only an opportunity to unite people in the land of the Golden Temple, but also an opportunity for people from all countries to interact and make friends with each other.

Alt: Discover the water festival at Viet Au International School


The water festival originated from the birthday of Buddha. Thai people have told each other since ancient times that when the festival begins, the sun moves between constellations in the universe. People believe that this is the time to start a new year. Therefore, the water festival is also Thailand’s traditional New Year.

In 1941, the festival was held for the first time. The water splashing activity of the festival also has the meaning of washing away bad luck in the old year. However, this activity also brings new things and luck to everyone.


Why did VAUIS choose the water festival to organize for the children?

With the desire to help students learn and interact with the cultures of other countries, the school specially chooses the Water Festival for children to experience in the summer. As an educational environment that combines an international curriculum, Viet Au International School always tries to supplement activities to exchange and learn about the cultures of countries around the world for students.

During the hot summer, this is also an activity that helps children have fun.

Discover what’s special about the Water Festival at VAUIS

Equip “water gun” to fight

Alt: Indispensable items in your students’ water festival


“Water gun” is an indispensable tool in the festival. With a variety of designs and colors, guns will be an item that helps children become enthusiastic and vibrant during the festival. Students will need to equip their own water guns. Once you have the most perfect “water warriors”, children will take on a small challenge.

To get water pumped into the gun, children need to overcome obstacles. After conquering the challenges, the child’s gun will be full of water. And finally, children will play and splash water together.

Attractive water splashing games

With this festival, the organizers transformed a corner of the school yard into a miniature water park. The colorful scene with cool water makes children unable to help but be excited. Along with the typical music of the festival, the sound made children more excited than ever

In addition to water gun activities together, children will be able to play other interesting games. In the cool water, children will participate in activities such as shooting bubbles, smashing water balloons, etc. Children are almost fascinated by the game of water polo, winning water polo…

Alt: Children participate in games during the water festival


Teachers and activity organizers will also join in the fun with the children. The teachers will be the rearguard outside, cheering and using water fountains to create a vibrant summer space for the children to have fun.

Images of the VAUIS water festival

Parents, please take a look at some pictures from VAUIS school’s water festival below!

Alt: Water festival with fun games

Alt: Water festival with VAUIS in the summer

Alt: Are you ready to participate in the water festival with water guns?

Alt: Students enjoy participating in the water festival



This is just a small activity in the 2023 summer experience course, but the Water Festival has brought many beautiful memories for the children. Learning and fun activities at the school not only bring useful knowledge but also organize a variety of cultural activities, festivals or picnics. This is also the goal that Viet Au International School aims to help children become more confident, active and integrated.

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