[Event] Welcome Spring – Happy New Year 2023

Every New Year comes, Spring comes, in every person always comes back to the original cultural values ​​to feel the taste of Tet, to be immersed in the warm atmosphere of the year-end market with miniatures, stalls decorated in traditional style, to feel the taste of Spring day, to shop for favorite items.

With that good meaning, on the morning of January 13 (ie 22 AL), students Viet Au International School were returned to the old Tet space through folk games and impressive performances from the classes.

The 2023 Lunar New Year is coming closer and the programs of Happy Spring and New Year’s celebration everywhere continue to be carried out with rich forms and content. 𝗩𝗔𝗨𝗜𝗦 would like to wish all staff – teachers, parents and students a new year of peace, prosperity, good health and happiness.

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