[Event] – Merry Christmas | Let’s celebrate Christmas together

Noel, also known as Christmas in Vietnam, is usually celebrated from the evening of December 24 to the end of December 25. In Vietnam, Christmas is not just for Christians; which has become an occasion to have fun with many people, especially for young people; to give gifts and wish each other well.

Christmas is the anniversary of the birth of Jesus. That’s why many countries in Europe, America (here they are mainly Catholic) – this is the biggest holiday of the year. Christmas takes place in the last week of the year, so it is also the time to prepare to end the old year and welcome the new year.

In the atmosphere of Christmas day, teachers and students of Viet Au International School received unexpected gifts from Santa Claus. The joy of the children when receiving their favorite gifts overwhelms the chilly atmosphere of Saigon on Christmas day.


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