[Event] – Happy Halloween 2022 | Transform with VAUIS-er!

Mysterious black mixed with joyful orange has filled the VAUIS house creating a magical and lovely Halloween atmosphere.

During the last one week of school in October, teachers and students of Viet Au International Primary School – VAUIS seemed to be living in an exciting world of Halloween. The children participated in many activities organized by the School in response to this year’s Halloween such as: decorating classrooms, decorating pumpkins, quiz games, interacting with foreign teachers, Trick or Treat games,…

Create conditions for children to promote creativity, express their own style and strengthen solidarity and cohesion through group activities and games to help students of all grades have the opportunity to interact with each other. In the costume show, the little “models” #VAUIS_ER strode with Halloween costumes with great confidence and charisma. These will be beautiful memories in the months when your children are studying under this beloved VAUIS school.

At VAUIS, students always experience the full range of traditional festivals as well as Western festivals. And Halloween is one of the most loved and anticipated holidays of the whole school year by #VAUIS_ER.


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