Children entering first grade: What needs to be prepared so that children do not get lost?

Entering first grade, children will be exposed to a larger and new environment than before. Children will meet and make new friends, learn and have fun. But besides that, children will also be quite confused, timid and strange. So in order for children to enter first grade with the most confidence, what necessary and important things do parents need to prepare for their children?

It is necessary to prepare adequate supplies and learning tools

Preparing school supplies for children entering first grade is the most important and indispensable thing. Children will need to use appropriate tools for each different subject. So parents need to pay attention and equip their children. Some necessary items for children such as: textbooks, notebooks, pencils, erasers, rulers, colored pencils, pen bags, school bags…

Alt: Prepare school supplies for children entering first grade

For some international schools, a child’s tuition will include some of the above items. However, parents also need to prepare their children in advance to avoid shortcomings.

Practice necessary skills right from kindergarten

Reading and writing skills: Parents should read books and stories to their children. Then ask and answer if your child has any questions. This will help children have sharper thinking and build good vocabulary. Help your child recognize letters in the alphabet. With writing skills, let your child start with basic lines and simple letters. And correct me so I can write beautifully and correctly.

Number learning and math skills: Children entering first grade will be more receptive to math knowledge if they know numbers in advance. Parents can let their children get used to toys with numbers and practice counting with them. As children get used to it, parents can expose them to simple calculations such as adding, subtracting, etc.

Alt: Some necessary skills for children entering first grade

Questioning skills: Encouraging children to ask questions is also a way for children to develop thinking and stimulate understanding. Parents should encourage children to ask questions and help them find the correct answers themselves. In case there is no answer information, parents can find out and answer for their children.

Make sure children are comfortable and confident when entering school

Alt: Let children enter first grade confidently and comfortably

Children entering first grade will have to get used to a new environment without their parents around. Parents should train their children to be confident and comfortable so they can study well and have fun with friends. Parents can praise their children when they do something. Parents should ask their children’s opinions on issues related to them. This will help your child express his or her opinions and feelings.

You should not be too attached to your child

Alt: Train children to have independent habits in class

Children entering first grade still need their parents’ help. But with some things, if parents do not let their children be independent, it will be difficult for them to develop fully and will be dependent. At home, parents can let their children do things that they are capable of completing. For example, picking up your own toys and cleaning your room. Parents can guide them to help with housework, personal hygiene… Knowing how to maintain general hygiene and take care of personal belongings will help children improve their sense of responsibility.

Confide in and listen to children tell stories at school

Enter a new environment, meet new friends, teachers and be exposed to many new things. Children will inevitably have questions or stories they want to tell their parents. Parents, please confide, share and answer your children’s questions so that your children can go to school as comfortably as possible. If children are shy, parents should proactively ask and confide in their children.

Alt: Children entering first grade confide about school events with their parents

Choose a good and suitable learning environment

The learning environment is also an important factor in preparing children for first grade. When choosing the right environment for their children, parents will feel more secure because their children will be cared for and supported by teachers and schools. It is necessary to make the right choice to help ensure your child’s learning process and activities at school. In addition, a suitable environment will help children feel more comfortable and confident when communicating with friends.

Alt: Choose a learning environment for children entering first grade


In order for children to enter first grade to develop well and have a comfortable and confident mentality, parents need to clearly understand the information that needs to be prepared for their children. Parents should also choose some appropriate training methods before entering first grade. Understanding parents’ desire for their children to develop comprehensively with modern facilities and the best quality of education, Viet Au International School will accompany and support parents in the journey of preparing their children. enter first grade!


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