Applying Agamograph to teaching – Helping children to be creative in learning

Children’s creativity in learning is an important aspect in developing children’s thinking and skills. When children are encouraged and supported to express their creativity during their learning process, they can develop the ability to think flexibly, explore unique solutions and build new ideas. Understanding these things, Viet Au International School has applied Agamograph to teaching to enhance children’s creativity.

Alt: Applying Agamograph to teaching children

The benefits when children think creatively regularly

Alt: Enhance children’s creativity

Creativity in learning is a necessary and important skill for children today. Especially in the era of rapid development of technology, continuous creativity will help children have new unique thoughts, and solve problems quickly, neatly and effectively. At the same time, it also effectively stimulates children’s intelligence. Thereby helping children become more energetic, active, and develop EQ and IQ comprehensively.

Creativity in learning also encourages children’s flexibility and adaptability. Children learn to see problems from different angles and find alternative solutions. This helps children develop the ability to think quickly, generate new ideas in all situations.

VAUIS and thought-provoking teaching for children

Applying Agamograph – Optical illusion to teaching

Applying Agamograph – an optical illusion to lessons is a creative teaching method. Agamograph is a fun and unique learning tool. Using multi-dimensional images will encourage children’s curiosity in the learning process. Children will be interested and learn how to create unique optical effects from images.

Alt: Children are constantly creative and constantly thinking

When creating an Agamograph, children need to observe and focus on small details of the image to achieve the desired optical effect. Not only that, to create beautiful optical illusions, children will be suggested by teachers and shown Agamograph models, from which they will be able to create their own separate and unique product. . Through this process, children will improve their ability to observe, strengthen their ability to concentrate and practice sharp skills in recognizing differences.

Don’t stop asking questions and answering

By asking questions, we encourage children to apply logic and creative thinking to find answers. Thereby improving children’s logical thinking ability. At the same time, asking questions also helps children expand their knowledge and understanding, from finding new information to discovering new aspects.

Alt: Never stop asking questions and giving answers to children

About Viet Au International Primary School

Viet Au International Primary School adheres to the international curriculum. Apply advanced, flexible and creative teaching methods. Students are encouraged to think creatively and actively explore in the learning process. At the same time, the school also focuses on developing students’ social skills and critical thinking.

With a team of experienced teachers and dedicated staff. Viet Au International Primary School creates the best conditions for students to develop comprehensively. Diverse and rich extracurricular activities are also organized to encourage students’ physical and mental health.


Viet Au International School is not only an educational school according to international standards, but also a creative learning environment. By making the most of each student’s potential, the school encourages creative thinking and discovery in the learning process. Thanks to the application of advanced and flexible teaching methods, students will    hone their creative skills and develop their imagination.

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