Accompany your child to grade 1

The first turning point on your child’s educational path to grade 1 is the transition from Kindergarten to Primary School. Along with that are the worries of parents. Because in addition to choosing a school, parents are also interested in helping their children get used to the new general education program, prepare psychologically, stabilize their living habits, and increase their independence compared to preschool age.

Select School for your child.

n fact, there are many parents who follow the movement, at all costs to send their children to the top schools. They forget that it is really important that the environment is suitable for the baby. Moreover, the learning is yours. Therefore, the school parents like may not like and vice versa. Parents should choose a school near their home for their children. Soon you will be able to go to School by yourself and you will learn independence very well. It is also easy for parents to handle problems if something happens to their children at School.

Prepare school supplies for your child.

Parents need to determine that entering grade 1 will cost money to buy school supplies because it is difficult for children to keep for a long time.

Supplies to prepare include:

Briefcase: Parents should choose ultra-lightweight bags, such as those from Japan. Because children’s belongings are quite a lot, backpacks are very important, children are quite young, carrying a heavy bag will make children tired and back pain.

Notebooks: Most children use notebooks according to the regulations of each School, so parents should not rush to buy them for their children. If necessary, should buy a 5-inch notebook, white paper but not glare. Textbooks will be purchased by the school.

Pen box: Parents should choose to buy a box with a picture that the child likes so it will be more interesting for the child and the child will keep it.

In the box there are: pencils (Staedtler 2B pencils are suitable) + eraser + ruler (20cm length ruler) + pencil sharpener + crayon set. Pens and pens are needed in the second semester, so parents do not need to rush to buy them. Parents should buy a large quantity to prevent because the baby is very often lost.

Prepare your mind.

Grade 1 is also known by some educators as “the first grade gate”, enough to see how difficult it is for young people when they first start school. Therefore, I really need to have parents to accompany me.

Tell your children about the joys that school brings: In 1st grade, you will read many stories to tell your mother / In 1st grade, you are an adult, you know how to line up properly / In 1st grade, you will eat faster because you are no longer a baby… Just like that, you make your child feel: Oh, I am so grown up. Going to school is fun.

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