5 mistakes in raising children that parents often make

Every parent wants their children to develop well and be perfect. However, in the process of raising children, it will be difficult for parents to avoid mistakes. This will lead to unpredictable harm in the future. Therefore, in order for children to develop well, parents need to refer to the 5 mistakes below to reconsider their child-rearing methods. From there, learn from experience in the journey of raising children to adulthood.

Frequent scolding when children do wrong

Sometimes parents will not be able to control their anger whenever their child does something wrong. However, with children under the age of teenagers, they are not yet in control of their actions. Sometimes kids will do things instinctively, the way they want to. When children make mistakes, parents do not rush to scold their children, try to stay calm. Slowly remind and show your children how to do it right so that they gradually improve their thinking. When taught gently, children will gradually understand and do it right the next time.

Alt: Do not blame too much when raising children

Use spanking to teach

There are many parents who want to bring their children into discipline from an early age. Because I hope that with that discipline, my child will be more obedient and listen to my parents more. And when children do wrong or go against their wishes, parents will often use spankings to make them afraid and obedient. However, using spanking in a negative way will make children live in fear and anxiety. Your child will develop a shy personality, not daring to share and not being able to control everything.

Do not confide and talk to children

Confiding, talking and listening to your child will help them feel respected by their parents. In the process of raising children, this will create a close bond in the relationship between parents and children. When parents are too busy, they don’t have time to talk to their children. At this time, children will gradually feel abandoned, withdrawn and often depressed. Children will become less talkative and less close to their parents. In addition, talking and listening to your child will also help them understand that listening and sharing with people around them is a good thing.

Alt: Mistake when raising children: Parents do not confide in their children

There are no “rewards” when children achieve success

Recognize your child’s effort and effort when he or she has done his or her best to complete something. Sometimes, parents do not give praise or small “rewards” every time their children complete assigned tasks. There are some parents who take their children’s efforts for granted and do not care. That action will make children feel disappointed, sad and disappointed. Gradually, children will lose their will to do something later.


Alt: Know how to reward when raising children

Sometimes encourage your child even when he tries to finish but it’s not perfect. This will encourage and motivate children more.

Often do not keep promises

There will be times when parents make promises to ease their child’s feelings. However, if it is an empty promise, the child will feel let down and disappointed. Children will gradually lose trust in their parents and lead to less effective parenting in the future. Therefore, parents should not make empty promises if they cannot fulfill them. Parents should also not abuse this way too much in the process of raising children. Make your promise seriously and make it achievable.



Raising children is a long and difficult journey. Every parent wants the best for their child. But no parent is perfect and knows how to raise their children right from the beginning. So sometimes parents will inadvertently make mistakes when teaching their children. Therefore, pay more attention to your children, learn and update important knowledge for a better parenting journey!

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