3 benefits of letting your baby learn English early

“I am good at English from an early age, but my parents are worried that I will have a language disorder” – This must be the common hesitation of some parents when deciding to let their children learn English at an early age. Is it possible that a child can speak English fluently, but can only babble a few sentences in Vietnamese because of being exposed to a second language since the early years of his life?

Parents don’t worry too much! According to education experts, the fact that children learn a second language will be complementary instead of destroying or overshadowing the knowledge they have learned before. Exposure to English from an early age will help children develop inter-language communication skills, a characteristic of “global citizens”. Not only that, children being exposed to English from preschool age will bring the following 3 benefits:

1.Train your brain, be sensitive to language

Early exposure to English will help your child’s brain “exercise” regularly when learning and communicating in a multilingual environment. When the brain switches back and forth between two languages ​​regularly, the baby’s nervous system becomes more flexible and responsive. From there, children form the ability to filter information, increase their ability to absorb and process a large amount of new knowledge, making it easier for them to absorb knowledge in other subjects.


2. Increase analytical thinking abilityhu

Being exposed to English from an early age will help children practice critical thinking and increase their creativity in learning through asking questions “Why?” or “How?”. At VAUIS, children will be exposed to English naturally through objects, images and symbols. The child will ask questions to the teacher about how the objects are named, gradually forming an unconditioned reflex in asking and answering.

Therefore, learning English will help children’s brains have sharp reflexes, better able to process information and data. Because when it comes to speaking a language other than their mother tongue, children will need to think more carefully about the words they use. This helps children to think more and increase their thinking and analytical ability.

3. More confident in communication

The fact that children are exposed to English in the first years of life will help them become more confident in communication, more bold, energetic and dynamic in expressing their own ideas or views. Possessing inter-language ability, children will easily make friends and make new friends, thereby increasing the opportunity to be exposed to many different cultures, helping them learn more new things and be a stepping stone to open the door to the future.

With the desire for children to be exposed to English in the most natural way, VAUIS has created an international standard English environment with a team of experienced native teachers, children can learn and practice English through lively lectures, daily activities and hours of fun with teachers and friends.


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